Our club is one of the premier upcoming swim clubs in York Region.  We have grown from a small community program to a
dominant team that is producing Ontario Provincial Qualifiers and Eastern Championship swimmers.

We provide a multi-level swim program designed to develop interest and participation in competitive swimming. Swimmers are
provided with a solid coach run training plan to match their abilities and ambitions. Physical development, proper conditioning
and good health habits are encouraged as the athlete strives for success.  Swimmers also learn Team aspects of co-operation,
responsibility and leadership, as well individual dedication, confidence and self-esteem.

An atmosphere is created in which the desire of self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to develop
their natural abilities and to help others do likewise.
1.  That every child has an opportunity to excel.

​2.  That emphasis is placed on high performance levels of swimming and a program designed to nurture and mold the young
athlete towards that level. Increased opportunities and rewards will be provided as the swimmer reaches these high
performance levels.

3.  To offer a multi-tiered program that begins with excellent stroke technique and skills and the fitness levels to achieve these
high performance goals.

4.  To help the developing athlete gain more confidence, dedication and determination to achieve their goals.